The Spring Moon
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“because beautiful art should not just hang on walls”




The Spring Moon celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of women by creating one of a kind pieces of wearable art. Meticulously crafted by the Toronto based artist, Farheen Ali, each handmade piece is inspired by organic forms and colours that naturally exist in nature and feature a striking mix of iridescent shells, pearls, recycled metals and found objects. These elements are all woven together with copper and stainless steel wire to create stunning pieces of wearable art, each with it’s own unique story.


meet the artist


A medical illustrator by profession, I have always been intrigued by organic forms and shapes in nature. So imagine my excitement when I started experimenting with wire wrapped jewelry and discovered that instead of my paints I could now work with a palette of unique beads and found objects to create edgy pieces of functional art.

The name “Spring Moon” was given to me by my Japanese painting master upon the completion of a 5-year long apprenticeship with him. He carved this name into a seal which I now use as a signature to stamp all my paintings. By giving this name to my company, it is my hope that all who wear my art forms will become a part of my ongoing creative journey, weaving their own unique stories into each piece they wear.


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